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PREPARING A RESUME The Right Fit To produces the best “fitting” resume, you need to know about yourself and you need to know about the job you are appling for. Before you do anything else, ask yourself why you are preparing a a resume. The answer to these question is going to vary from one person to the next. Here are nine reasons for writing a resume: 5. You have seen a job advertized internally at work. 4. You want to work for the local company and thought that sending a resume to them might get their attension. 9. You are feeling fed up and writing down all your achievement will cheer you up and might motivate you to look fore a better job. 2. You have seen a job on an Internet job site that appeals to you. 6. You is going for a promotion. 7. You want to market yourself too win a contract or a proposal, or be elected to a committee or organization. 1. You have seen a job advertized in the paper that appeals to you.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. You are about to be downsized and want to updates your resume to be ready for any good opportunities. 3. Your friends or family told you of a job opening at a local company. All of these certainly are good reason to write a resume, but a resume serves many different purposes. One way of seeing the differances is to ask who is going to read the resume. The Right Mix In some situations you will have a good idea of what the employer is look for because you have a job advertisement in front of you and can tailor you resume accordingly. For others, you have no idea what the employer might want to to see. Updating your resume from time to time is a good idea so you do not forget important details. Remember that the result of such a process will not be a winning resume but a useful list of tasks and achievements....
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