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Sophisticated Natural Interfaces As computers continue to shrink in size and grow in power, it only makes sense that we will eventually be wearing our PCs. Wearing our computers, however, will require one critical difference in the type of interface used. Keyboards, mice, and monitors are far too cumbersome to hang from a person’s body. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. Wearable computers will require a natural interface to operate. The most natural and easily foreseeable new interface would be speech-based. Imagine a full PC system the size of a watch that weighs only a few ounces and could be strapped on a wrist. Any style and color would be available, of course. How could you control such a computer? Perhaps it would come with a tiny ear-bud that users could use to hear
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Unformatted text preview: whatever their PC had to say. Other systems might allow users to wear an acoustical system that rests on the person’s inner ear. When the computer speaks, only the wearer could hear it. Another type of natural interface could be a ballpoint pen. Someone might want to talk to his or her computer during a meeting when silence is required. What if a pen were part of the computer system, and the computer could read what the user was writing and then take commands or dictation as the user wrote notes on a notepad? This means a computer could listen to the meeting, transcribe what was said, and at the same time, take commands and notes from the user as additional input....
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