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U1-PA01 ShopOline-JW - ONLINE SHOPPING Online shopping also...

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ONLINE SHOPPING Online shopping, also called electronic shopping or e-shopping, is shopping that involves the use of a computer, modem, browser, and the Internet to locate, examine, select, and pay for products. Many businesses encourage consumers to shop online because it saves employee time, thus reducing staffing needs and saving money for the company. For example, some major airlines offer special discounts to travelers who purchase their tickets over the Internet, and most are eliminating paper tickets altogether. Advantages of Online Shopping For the consumer, online shopping offers several distinct advantages over traditional shopping methods. These advantages include the following: More product information. At many online stores, you can find detailed information about a wide variety of products, an advantage often unavailable in traditional stores. Ease of comparison shopping. E-shopping allows you to quickly find comparable items at similar stores and locate those venues with the best quality and lowest prices. Convenience.
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