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UTILITY PROGRAMS A utility program performs a single maintenance or repair task and is useful for correcting many of the problems that computer users are likely to encounter. Some of the most popular kinds of utility programs include the following: Antivirus software : This type of software program protects the computer system from a virus attack. Backup utility : This utility makes a backup copy of files on a separate disk. File compression utility : Use this utility to reduce the size of files so they take up less disk
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Unformatted text preview: space. Device driver : This utility allows hardware devices, such as disk drives and printers, to work with the computer system. Uninstaller utility : Remove programs and related system files with this utility. An operating system typically includes several utility programs that are preinstalled at the factory. Users can also purchase and install additional utility programs of their choice. Several companies produce software suites containing a variety of utility programs....
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