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HW1 - a c f h from textbook Problem 3 2.16 from textbook...

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University of Toronto Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MIE468: Facility Planning (Winter 2012) Homework #1 Due: January 17, 2012, 5PM at drop box located at RS 2 nd floor Readings : Chapters 1 and 2 from textbook Problem 1: Evaluate the facilities plan for your campus and list potential changes you would consider if you were asked to replan the campus. Why would you consider these? (Problem 1.6 from textbook) Problem 2: Develop a list of strategic issues that must be addressed in performing facilities planning for: 1) an airport; 2) a bank; 3) a library; 4) a shopping center developer (Problem 1.13
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Unformatted text preview: a, c, f, h from textbook) Problem 3: 2.16 from textbook Problem 4: Part A is produced in machine 1 and then in machine 2. Part B is produced in machine 3 and then machine 4. Then parts A and B are assembled at workstation 5 to create part C (one unit each of part A and of part B are assembled to produce one unit of part C). Then part C is painted in process 6. Given the scrap percentages d 1 , … , d 6 for each operation and the desired output O 6 for C, determine an equation that can be used to calculate the required input (I 1 ) to machine 1. Show all work (helps to draw a diagram). (Problem 2.25)...
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