Lab 7 - LAB 7: Introduction to Oscilloscope Objectives:...

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Unformatted text preview: LAB 7: Introduction to Oscilloscope Objectives: This lab introduces the oscilloscope. We will learn how to use the 2-channel oscilloscope. Equipments: For this lab, we basically need an oscilloscope, a resistor, a capacitor, a battery, a wave generator. Part 1: To measure a Sine wave Procedure: On this part of the lab, we measure the sine wave on channel 1. To have an accurate picture, we followed the following steps: First, we set the Volts/div knob on CH1, then we set the CH1 input switch to GND. At this point, a single horizontal line appears on the screen. The next step is to connect a coaxial cable between the Sine generator and the CH1 input jack and make sure the input switch is in AC mode. Finally, we adjust the Sec/div knob to get one or two cycle of wave across the screen. Data and Analysis G/ At this point, we obtained a trace that looks like a sine wave . Picture of the trace we obtained H/ Period and Frequency . Setting of the mSec/div Knob Reading on the screen( Number of division for one oscillation) Period (ms) 1ms/div 4.3 4.3 According to our graph, the time for one complete oscillation is =4.3ms. Therefore the frequency is f=1/(4.3*10^-3) = 233 Hz . The generator dial displayed a frequency of f=234.1 Hz. Conclusion: The computed frequency and the generator dial data agree. The percentage of difference is only 0.4% .The generator dial reading value is likely to be more accurate but we cant read the scope measurement with accuracy....
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Lab 7 - LAB 7: Introduction to Oscilloscope Objectives:...

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