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A long time ago, England was controlled by the king, churches, and noble, so people, who lived there, were not able to make a decision for their own life without outside interferences. As a result, a few of British immigrated to the United States to make a new nation which is free from the control of the British government, and the power to govern would lie to their own hand. This means political freedom because no one can tell them what is wrong and right and they make a decision for their faith. Whenever we heard freedom, freedom of choice also may come up in our mind. Freedom of choice means that people have a right to choose, and no one can argue them for their choice. Freedom has a lot of meaning in different positions but now we will discuss about a few of them. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are two areas that freedom has a profound meaning. Freedom of religion in the United States is one area which helps people to understand the meaning of freedom. People with different ethnic backgrounds practice their own religion in the
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Unformatted text preview: United States. For example, almost ninety percent of Americans are Christian and remaining ten percent are Jewish, Hindus, Muslims, etc. and these people are living together in one country. In some cases we are able to see that the percentages are changed and the number of believer for one faith increases; and that of another faiths decreases. In other words, people are able to see and understand various faiths, so their belief might change, and they change their religion. This great diversity of ethnic background has produced pluralism. People with different religious faith are living together, and no one can ask them why you believe in this or that because Americans believe in individual freedom and the right of individuals to practice their own religion. In addition to freedom of religion, we can see another type of freedom, especially amongst young American, which is related to finance....
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