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grinding and onerous problem Skipping or overcoming suffers Things do not always happen in the manner we like, and every person who lives in the world are suffering during their lives. Moreover, the events that happen in the world is not always what we like; therefore, it can cause a few grinding problems in our way. Those people who are weak to overcome of suffering as soon as facing difficult time, they will change their mind and purpose. Yet, those who have serious mind about their future are prefer to fight with suffering and do not skip them. In James Baldwin’s collection “Sonny’s Blues” we read about Sonny and his older brother that they interfere with some difficulties in their lives and these hardships shapes sonny’s
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Unformatted text preview: life. However, sonny and his brother have few similarities, their differences operate a chasm between them . Sonny and his brother have difficult times to understand each other, and their differences are like a bridge between them that drive them apart. In fact, some people cannot express their feeling in worlds; as a result, their associates cannot understand them what they mean. For instance, when sonny and his brother are discussing- Baldwin mentions- Sonny says to his brother that “I hear you. But you never hear anything I say” (124). It shows that they cannot understand each other, but if sonny and his brother want each other to live, they must understand each other’s suffering or feeling....
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