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kino draft rewrite - EN101A(rewrite Kinos Conflict Things...

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EN101A (rewrite) 04/07/2010 Kino’s Conflict Things do not always happen in the manner we like, and sometimes people who are near to us cause a few problems along the way due to jealousy or compassion. Kino is a poor Indian with a lack of education such as reading or writing; as a result, the higher social classes cheat him. When he finds the pearl, his life gets a new and totally different direction and everyone’s attention is on Kino; however, prior to that no one had paid any attention to him or his family. When the people’s view on Kino’s family and his behavior changes, Kino must face a few conflicts with himself and other people, but unfortunately these conflicts become a reason for his only child’s death. When Kino finds the pearl, his only desire is to have everything that he did not have in his past and to improve his standard of living. By reading John Steinbeck’s The Pearl we understand that sometimes people should close their eyes to material concern to see more important things such as family, and we should use this lesson in our life to avoid falling in the same well as Kino. Kino’s standard of living decreases because he can not overcome all conflicts that happen in his life. Conflict has different types; for instance, when I do not agree with my friend in one decision and each of us believe that our idea is the best one, it causes one type of conflict, which is struggle against the other person . Kino is a man who takes foolish decision since he ends up loses everything that he possessed before and he finds conflict in community, self confident, and relationship. As a major character in John Steinbeck’s book
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kino draft rewrite - EN101A(rewrite Kinos Conflict Things...

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