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rewrite in class essay - Zahra Memar EN101A (In class...

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Zahra Memar EN101A (In class essay#1 (rewrite)) 05/03/2010 Individual Freedom A long time ago, England was controlled by the king, churches and nobles, so people who lived there were not able to make decisions for their own lives without outside interferences. British people also were forced by the government to believe in their religious. They were not able to be believers for the faith that they chose by themselves, and they did not have religious freedom. As a result, many British people immigrated to the United States as a new colony which is free from the control of the British government, and the power to govern would lie in their hands. This means political freedom, and no one could tell them what is wrong or right. Whenever we hear freedom, freedom of choice also may come up in our mind. In other words, people agree about choices all the time that may be part of freedom, too. People have the right to chose and no one can argue with them about their choice. Freedom has a lot of meanings in different positions, and we also can see a few of them
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rewrite in class essay - Zahra Memar EN101A (In class...

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