Sonny[1]rewrite,in class

Sonny[1]rewrite,in class - EN1 01A(rewrite 05/04/2010...

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EN1 01A (rewrite) 05/04 /2010 Different and Same Ideas between Two Brothers Things do not always happen in the manner we like and everyone in this world has suffering in their lives. Moreover, the events that happen in this world are not always as we want them to be; therefore, those events can cause a few grinding problems along our way. Consequently, those people who are weak and cannot overcome suffering will change their mind and purpose whenever they face a little confusing problem. Yet, those who have a clear mind about their future’s plan prefer to combat suffering. In James Baldwin’s story “ Sonny’s Blues we read about Sonny and his older brother who encounter some difficulties in their lives and how those hardships shape Sonny’s life. However, Sonny and his brother have a few similarities and their differences create a chasm between them. Sonny is similar to his brother in few points. For example, both Sonny and his brother are black African American, and they have suffered a lot during their lives. In addition, both of them believe that they must fight against suffering if they want to live, and no one can live
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Sonny[1]rewrite,in class - EN1 01A(rewrite 05/04/2010...

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