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Educational institution

Educational institution - Educational institution The ideal...

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Educational institution Reduce social classes distinctions Encourage to do something Material rewards Higher level of education The ideal of Would be a danger Seek a higher status American society Social class Equality of opportunity /education Distinctions= differences Regardless of family background Took full advantage of the opportunity for public education encouraged Community members Deserve an equal opportunity A great deal of enthusiasm(about ) American public education Public school system A major purpose of Get a good education Growing public elementary school Strong particular content Educational ladder Rather than Basic system of public school Extension of public schools Teaching of vocational skills Professional studies Higher academic standards/skills Principle of equality Universal education Practical tools Reflection (noun) of the American ideal Religious instruction Collected from all citizens The tendency of public education The material abundance (of/in) Separate public educational system Encouraged parents Next century Were expanded View Public universities Private school Upper-class children Elite private preparatory schools Less affluent children American definition of
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