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Exercise One EDUCATION development

Exercise One EDUCATION development - Children who go to...

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Exercise One (September 14, 2007): Instructions: Rewrite the following brief paragraph correcting verb tense / subject – verb agreement errors AND improving vocabulary usage (by using education-related collocations). attend school elementary school educational systems poorly educated receive an education valued education pursuing degrees pay the high tuition costs 1. One function of all school organizations are to socialize a nation’s students. Students, for example, is taught to believe that their country is morally pure and that its leaders are usually, if not always, honest and brave.
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Unformatted text preview: Children who go to school is also given a positive view of their nation’s history. For instance, young students in school for kids generally learned that their nation has always fought on the “good side” in every war in which it have participated. 2. It is sometimes said that those who did not educate well never liked learning. However, the truth may be that they never get a good education . Perhaps, their parents are not able to pay the high tuition costs of the available schools. Another possibility was that war prevented students from getting degrees ....
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