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Exercise Two EDUCATION - PERFORM WELL in their classes 2...

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Exercise Two (September 21, 2007): Name: Part One: Rewrite the following brief paragraph correcting verb form / modal errors AND improving vocabulary usage (by using education-related collocations). Also, replace the underlined nonidiomatic / nonacademic expressions with appropriate words and collocations from the following list: pursue a degree highly – educated academic skills perform well are required to pass curriculum take / register for / pass the course graduate from give a lecture(s) test results take notes class discussion 1. Most professors want their students do good
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Unformatted text preview: PERFORM WELL in their classes. 2. Students who have not develop ED their school abilities ACADEMIC SKILLS by the time they enter college usually have difficulty in their college courses. 3. Students who are good at write the professor’s words TAKING NOTES usually have good points on their tests TEST RESULT . 4. The professor likes say her notes to his students GIVING A LECTURE instead of have talks with her students CLASS DISCUSSION. 5. Honors students must graduate PASS their classes with excellent grades. Often, they cannot let their GPA to fall below 3.5....
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