income,and hispanic

income,and hispanic - from healthcare more than whites did...

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11/03/2009 Income, employment, and healthcare are three areas in which Hispanic and African American leg behinds whites. At first, the income decline was faced by African American and Hispanic who were most likely to suffer from economy in 2000-2007. For instance, African Americans’ average family income decreased from 39,935 to 38,679. In addition to income, a sharp decline in unemployment was another area in 2000 through 2007 that Hispanic and African American faced. Moreover; raising unemployment affected all Americans, but it was worse for Hispanic and African American than whites. Finally, African Americans and Hispanics suffer
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Unformatted text preview: from healthcare more than whites did. As an illustration, the percentage of Hispanics without coverage was three times that of whites in 2007, while that of African Americans' was twice as high as whites ( Singletary) . In conclusion, Americans faced income, unemployment and healthcare problem; however Hispanic and African American were two ethnic groups who suffered more than whites. Work site: Singletary Michelle, “The Change That Hasn't Come”, Washington post news, Sunday, November 9, 2008...
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