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Topic sentence: robots and magnetic energy are two benefits of modern technology in a society. Supporting point: A) robots is one of the beneficial points that modern technology has. 1) Making driving safer. ( Preface to "Emerging AI Technologies") For example, if robots drive instead of human, they will not effecte by inattention or intoxication. 2) Using robots in a war instead of human. (Preface to "Emerging AI Technologies") Supporting point: B) another benefit that modern technology has is magnetic energy. 1) To peer the movement in the brain .( New MRI technology could
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Unformatted text preview: reveal mysteries of brain to researchers) For instance, a 3Tesla machine is able to show very small changes that happen in a brain in a bigger view. 2) To understand when people do not tell the truth .( Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service) For example, scanning technology which is FMRI allows people to see unusual movement that happen in a brain when people do not tell the truth. Concluding sentence: In a society which has modern technology people may use robots and magnetic energy that can make life easier and safer....
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