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1. Diet Coke is targeting women who want to lose weight and its marketing is most likely to include a gender demographic segmentation. Coke Zero is targeting Men around the age of 18 to 34, who don’t want the sugar and calories in regular soda but don’t like the taste of artificial sweetener. They consider Diet Coke a “girl’s drink” and themselves too cool to be seen drinking it. This product ‘s marketing is most likely to include gender and age demographic segmentation. Diet Coke Plus is targeting Women who want to lose weight and is concerned about their well-being, health and nutrition. Diet Cokes marketing would most likely include gender segmentation. Unlike any of the others products Coco-Cola Blak is targeting older generation consumers with more sophisticated tastes that are willing and able to pay a little more for the product. This product’s marketing is most likely to include age and income segmentation. Full Throttle Blue Demon is one of the only coke products that is marketing to ethic or race demographics. It targets Young Hispanic men and its marketing is
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