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Journal Entry # 3: Response A Wallace Stegner and Chet Raymo both discuss the subject of silence in their writing. Stegner considers silence a threatened natural resource while Raymo believes the universe is full of silence. Although they have different believes of the subject it is very clear that silence is important to both writers. In my opinion, silence is vital to both writers because if one prevents or blocks out every noise, he or she can focus more on all the details of their surroundings.   The noise of a particular place helps you to describe it better but you don’t need it to give a description, especially in nature. Without sound a writer can give a great scene that a reader can really imagine. For example, in “The Silence”, Raymo gives in so much detail the description of the little boy and the skateboarder colliding together. He imagines it all being silent and everything happening at every second before they hit each other. He helps to give scenes of ecologically events by his descriptions. The awareness of silence can change our views by teaching us several things. For
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Journal Entry 3 - Journal Entry # 3: Response A Wallace...

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