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Journal Entry 4a In the reading "Out of Doors in February", Richard Jeffries reveals the mystery of growth in his by expressing prior knowledge and observing the process that nature goes through with signs from natures organism. For example, the rooks cawing in February indicates that their nest will be re- occupied to mate and have babies, or even plants seeping through as the snow and moist leafs begin to deteriorate as the suns rays hit the surface. These are signs of nature’s organism showing growth. Through Richard Jeffries writing, one must learn of these mysteries by acknowledging natures past and present, by exploring and observing into detail the prescience’s that nature endures through out the seasons. Jeffries states, "it is previous knowledge which invest those who are always on the spot, those work in the fields or have the care of woods, with their apparent
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Unformatted text preview: prescience’s.” meaning acknowledging an learning from prior knowledge while remaining patient, and careful of nature's growth will only mean you can fully observe what once was and what is to come. The content of Richard Jeffries writing shows that the present in nature will depict what can occur for years to come. Admiring the beauty of nature and the ambiance that is taking place can be expressed in many different ways. Each season and living organism that we recognize in nature has a past and present that leads to growth whether we may realize it or not. Jeffries writing helped me acknowledge that each organism in life goes through evolutionary processes, it’s just a matter of wanting to understand and observing the change that occurs....
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journalentry4a - prescience’s.” meaning acknowledging...

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