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Journal Entry # 5 Walt Whitman’s poetic context serves the purpose of nature writing for ages to come. His enthusiastic cataloguing of the environment and sensations brings a wide range of life into literature and our consciousness. The way he expresses and perceives nature can give you a clear concise visual as you read, to the point your imagination puts you in the place of his words. Walt Whitman’s nature writing can be more than inspirational and descriptive, but also enlightening to the many things that escape us in the beauty of the
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Unformatted text preview: world and our environment. My life would change in a positive manner if I believed that all things could feel and perceive me as well. I would be more in touch with myself and admire the beauty of the environment as Whitman did. The way we are perceived matters to us no matter what, we are looking for acceptance everywhere we go. Knowing that all things could feel and perceive me would be gratifying because, that means that I could get a different outlook from other organism other then humans....
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