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2011_Midterm_-_ANSWERS - Midterm Family name ENBUS 202...

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2011 Midterm - ANSWERS Page 1 Key answer points are presented, with lists of relevant keywords. (Alternate keywords and concepts are provided in brackets) [Counterpoints and some common errors are noted in square brackets] 1. Is auditing required as part of an ISO 14001 EMS? [1 mark] YES or NO (See ISO 14001:2004 section 4.5.5 on internal audits) 2. Explain the difference between a technical performance standard and a management system standard. [2 marks] Technical performance standards deal with products and technologies , focusing on specifications (requirements, quantification, physical properties) of things like equipment, materials, components, etc. Requirements and thresholds, often quantitative performance parameters, are set. (e.g., electrical plug) Whereas management system standards are deal with administrative processes (management, business steps, decisions) of organizations (e.g., PDCA, etc.). Requirements may include steps, procedures, documentation of the management process. 3. ISO 14001:2004 section 4.3.2 refers to “other requirements to which the organization subscribes.” What does this statement mean? Give an example to support your answer. [3 marks] This text points to requirements beyond legal compliance requirements that the organization is expected to follow that relate to its environmental aspects (and is additional too to the identification of significant aspects). Examples might include: GHG commitments, corporate requirements/policies, LEED building commitments, industry codes of conduct like Responsible Care. [Legal requirements are not considered “other” as they are already covered in 4.3.2.] [Reference to quality management systems, QMS, ISO 9001 are perhaps relevant to the organization and/or policy but are tangential to this component of the EMS as they do not relate to its environmental aspects] Midterm ENBUS 202: Environmental Management Systems Professor Steven B. Young — October 18, 2011 Question values are indicated. Use only the paper provided; additional space is available on the back of the last page. Point-form replies are acceptable. Family name: Given name: ID #: / 33
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2011 Midterm - ANSWERS Page 2 4. Explain or define five (5) of the following terms, as they have been used in the course. [2 marks each, total of 10 marks]
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2011_Midterm_-_ANSWERS - Midterm Family name ENBUS 202...

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