Human Appropriation of the Products of Photosynthesis Notes

Human Appropriation of the Products of Photosynthesis Notes...

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Human Appropriation of the Products of Photosynthesis Human influence on land use patterns are visible from space Increase in carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide Net primary production is the amount of energy that is fixed biologically o Provides basis for maintenance, growth and reproduction of all heterotrophs NPP is responsible for input of organic material and calculate human uses as output o Cropland: input and use = harvesting in the same year Human caused input can temporarily exceed NPP input
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Unformatted text preview: • Human influences are calculated in 3 ways o Low estimate is the amount of NPP people use directly o Intermediate estimate includes all the productivity of lands devoted entirely to human activities o High estimate includes productive capacity lost as a result of converting open land to cities and forests to pastures or because of desertification or overuse High estimate is closest to reasonable statement of human impact on biosphere •...
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