World Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2005

World Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2005 - underlying FRA...

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World Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2005 Comprehensive view of global, anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions July 2009 Greenhouse gases result-directly or indirectly- from almost every major human industry and activity 2005: GHGs are estimated at 44,153 MtCO2 equivalent Total emissions grew 12.7% between 2000 and 2005 at a rate of 2.4% Land Use Change Activity on chart grew or shrank the concerns the net contribution of atmospheric CO2 Apparent decrease is due to revised methodologies used to calculate deforestation in the
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Unformatted text preview: underlying FRA data o Not actual decrease in deforestation • Actually land use emissions grew 4.1% from 2000-2005 World Greenhouse Gas Emissions • Dramatically different from developed and developing countries o Four sectors: electricity and heat, transport, industry and building use o Emissions growth is primarily attributable from developing countries Other Sectors • Electricity and semiconductor manufacturing is sharpest in developing countries •...
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