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David Suzuki Video Sept. 13th

David Suzuki Video Sept. 13th - didn’t follow up on...

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David Suzuki: - Human beings arose from Africa 150 000 years ago. Key to our success was our intelligence (large complex brain). It gave us a sense of future. - We can affect our future by what we do today. We can avoid danger and take advantage of opportunity. Foresight is key to mankind’s success. - We have access to many resources to predict our environmental future, but we are ignoring what proactive measures should be taken to avoid environmental disasters because politicians and companies don’t see it as a money-making scheme. - The Nature of Things started in 1988 and David Suzuki warned about how environmental problems would become the forefront of issues in the near future. - Politicians like George Bush and Brian Mulroney made promises about being green, but they
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t follow up on campaign problems. Global warming is one of, if not the most, important issues in the near future.- Brian Mulroney’s environmental advisor (Stephen Lewis) told him to reduce greenhouse emissions by 20% in 15 years below 1988 levels. The committee found it could be done, but it would cost over 50 billion dollars. But we would save a net 150 billion dollars on health care and other areas. But Mulroney didn’t follow through because he knew that the political leader 15 years down the road would take credit for his work, while he would be under fire for spending that much money.- Population needs to demand environmental action in political elections. They also need to keep the pressure on....
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