ENBUS 102 Sept. 13 Lecutre Notes

ENBUS 102 Sept. 13 Lecutre Notes - Teacher: Olaf Weber...

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Teacher: Olaf Weber Phone #: 1 519 888 4567 ext. 38065 Email: oweber(at)uwaterloo.ca School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED) Environment: 1.) Nature was defined as the natural environment at first. 2.) Social, milieu. This environment was having an influence on the human population. 3.) Surrounding conditions; combined both terms to everything that affects human beings. 4.) The area in which something exists or lives. This represents the interactions between human beings and the environment. i.) Value of Nature: - Global GNP = US$ 18 trillion per year - Value of ecosystem services per year: US$33 trillion i.) Marine systems 60% (most from coastal systems) ii.) 38% terrestrial systems (most from forests) - Created by business activities (water, air, trees, etc.) (Constanza et al. 1997) Definitions of the environment: - `… the objects or the region surrounding anything; - The conditions under which any person or thing lives or is developed; - The sum-total of influences which modify and determine the development of life or character. ` Source: Oxford Dictionary 2 nd Edition. - Miller and Hackett: The environment is ‘everything that affects a living organism (any unique form of life)’. - Definition of Environmental Science : (Miller and Hackett): `an interdisciplinary study that uses information from the physical sciences and social sciences to learn how the Earth works, how we interact with the Earth, and how to deal with environmental problems` (pg. 6) The Sandoz chemical spill in 1986 was a major environmental disaster caused by a fire and its subsequent extinguishing (with water) at Sandoz agrochemical storehouse in Switzerland. This disaster resulted in the release of toxic agrochemicals into the air and
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ENBUS 102 Sept. 13 Lecutre Notes - Teacher: Olaf Weber...

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