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Notes on John Doerr and Green Tech

Notes on John Doerr and Green Tech - Agrees that we have a...

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- Agrees that we have a major problem with climate change. Daughter was scared and angry, and said it was her father (John Doerr)’s fault and that he should fix it. He started to research more about the subject, and the more he learned the more he was worried. He gathered 50 individuals, which consisted of policy advocates to scientists to business entrepreneurs, and created Greentech Innovation Network. First lesson is that companies are really powerful. For example, CEO of Wal Mart made going green a top priority because they see it as the future. They made simply and smart solutions like putting doors in front of refrigerated items, painted roofs white, and used natural lighting. Their goal was to reduce energy consumption in existing building by 20 percent and by 30 percent in new building. To give you an idea of this impact, if Wal Mart were a country, it would be the 6 th largest trading partner with China. When it declares its going green, it affects the people around them. John Doerr says this is good, but we need more if it by other companies or it will not be
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