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CS 2316 Individual Homework 1 – Python Practice Due: Wednesday, January 18th, before 11:55 PM Out of 100 points Files to submit: 1. HW1.py This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment! Collaboration at a reasonable level will not result in substantially similar code. Students may only collaborate with fellow students currently taking CS 2316, the TA's and the lecturer. Collaboration means talking through problems, assisting with debugging, explaining a concept, etc. You should not exchange code or write code for others. For Help: - TA Helpdesk – Schedule posted on class website. - Email TA's or use T-Square Forums Notes: Don’t forget to include the required comments and collaboration statement (as outlined on the course syllabus). Do not wait until the last minute to do this assignment in case you run into problems. Part 1 – Simple Functions You will write a few python functions for practice with the language. In your HW1.py file, include a comment at the top with your name, section, GTID/Email, and your collaboration statement. Also include each of the following functions. 1. GnToFbf 2. coneVolume 3. footballScore 4. bodyMassIndex Function Name: GnToFbf Parameters: None Return Value: None Description: 1. Write a user-interactive function to convert Giraffe's Necks (Gn) to Foot Ball Fields (Fbf). The conversion equation is as follows: 1 Fbf is 3,600 inches, while 1 Gn is 70 inches.
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2. Get the number of Gn from the user; make sure to use a descriptive prompt so the user knows what to enter (e.g. “Enter number of Giraffe's Necks”). You may assume that the user will enter a valid float (e.g. 34.4) and do not have to do error checking. 3. Convert the number entered by the user to Foot Ball Fields using the conversion information above. 4. Print the calculated number of Foot Bal Fields (including fractional Fbf); be sure to add a label to the display value so the user knows what the value means (e.g. display “35 Fbf” instead of just 35)
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cs2316-hw01-python-practice - CS 2316 Individual Homework 1...

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