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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Course Outline Haas School of Business Spring 2012 UGBA – AS C 172 THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN BUSINESS 230 Cheit Hall, Monday and Wednesday, 11-12:30, 3 units Professor Christine Rosen 577 Faculty Wing of Haas School of Business 642-8695 [email protected] Please be sure to put UGBA - AS 172 in the subject line of all email you send me! Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 12:30 -1:00 and Tuesday 1:30-2:30 And by appointment Office: F 577 Haas Course Description: UGBA-AS 172 is an undergraduate elective in the history of American business. It covers an amazing history of creative innovation, growth, structural change, challenge, trouble, travail – and more growth, more change, challenge, and trouble. Less than two hundred years ago, the U.S. was just starting to transform itself from a country of farmers and village craftsmen into a nation based on large scale, mechanized, corporate controlled industry. By the late 20 th century the nation was an industrial colossus dominated by huge multinational corporations that operated in markets around the world. Now it is suffering the effects of recession, downsizing, outsourcing, and the roiling of financial market here and abroad. Its richly paid corporate managers are dealing with many challenges: the consequences of the ongoing crises in US and international financial and credit markets, a host of regulatory challenges here and abroad, increasingly rapid rates of technological innovation, increasingly intense global competition, and the ever insistent demands from the investor community for maximal profits every quarter. They must manage, find economic opportunities, and politically maneuver in a marketplace that is being constantly shaped and reshaped by technological and financial innovation and the rise of new markets, the outsourcing of American jobs, new forms of financial, environmental, economic and other regulation and deregulation, and the rise of dynamic competitors in China, India, Brazil, and other parts of the developing world. How has American business gotten to where it is today? How can historical insight help us understand the strategic, organizational, geo-political, economic, social, and environmental challenges facing the managers of today’s global businesses? The purpose of UGBA – AS 172 is to give you historical perspective on business and management today, to illuminate the parallels and continuities as well as the differences between current and past developments in corporate evolution, management problem solving, technological innovation, business-government
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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Course Outline Haas School of Business Spring 2012 interaction, and business’s impact on American culture and its relationship with society as a whole. Course Readings: Required books, available on closed reserve at Long Library and for purchase at the student book store (also available at Amazon.com): Paul E. Johnson, Shopkeepers Millennium: Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837 , (Hill and Wang).
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