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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon BASIC ELEMENTS OF A GOOD COMPOSITION 1. TITLE. The title should be specific enough that it gives the reader an idea as to what the essay will contain. Avoid creating an ambiguous, vague or overly general title. Assuming that the topic of your paper deals with Latin American indigenous people, the following are NOT good titles: "Indigenous People." "Stereotypes of Amerindians." Rather, try formulating the title once your paper is written, since you will have been focusing on the specific details for a while and it will be easier for you to think of a title that sums up your points. Some examples of a good title might be: "Hollywood versus the Guaraní: representations of Amerindians in 'The Mission,'" or "From Florida to Mexico: portraits of early encounters between Spaniards and Amerindians." 2. THESIS. If your paper doesn't have a thesis, it isn't a composition! In most essays, the ideal location for your thesis is in the introductory paragraph. Is should be one sentence long and it should make a
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Composition -...

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