GNB+13e+Solutions+Ch+03 - P3-25 Hobart, Evans &...

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Unformatted text preview: P3-25 Hobart, Evans & Nix1. Predetermined Overhead RatesLitigationDepartmental overhead cost$840,000 $360,000 Research hours24,000 Direct attorney cost$900,000 Departmental overhead rate$35.00 0.402. Applied Overhead for Case 418-3LitigationTotalResearch hours26 Direct attorney cost$5,700 Departmental overhead rate$35 0.40 Departmental overhead applied$910 $2,280 $3,190 3. Total Cost for Case 418-3LitigationTotalLegal forms & supplies$80 $40 $120 Direct attorney cost$350 $5,700 $6,050 Departmental overhead applied$910 $2,280 $3,190 (See above)Total cost$1,340 $8,020 $9,360 4. Over- & Underapplied OverheadLitigationTotalResearch hours26,000 Direct attorney cost$750,000 Departmental overhead rate$35 $0.40 Departmental overhead applied$910,000 $300,000 $1,210,000 LitigationTotalDepartmental overhead incurred$870,000 $315,000 $1,185,000 Departmental overhead applied$910,000 $300,000 $1,210,000 (See above)Over/Underapplied overhead$(40,000)$15,000 $(25,000)OverappliedUnderappliedOverapplied...
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GNB+13e+Solutions+Ch+03 - P3-25 Hobart, Evans &...

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