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UGBA – AS 172 SPRING 2012 Midterm Review Study Questions This midterm exam has two parts. Part I: I will ask you to explain several terms (or people) in a way that shows that you: a. understand the factual aspects (who, what, where, when, how, etc) of the term (or the person): b. understand its (or his) broader significance in American business history. DeToqueville’s description of American society Economic drivers of industrial revolution - demand side and supply side Crystal Palace Exhibition Technological disequilibrium Technological convergence James Stubblefield Rosewall Lee John Hall Eminent domain Mainline Canal Matthew Carey Risk culture during industrial revolution Laissez faire myth/ reality during industrial revolution Role of transportation “revolution” in industrial revolution Market failure (during industrial revolution) Common law (during industrial revolution) Equitable theory of contract Howard v. Dolittle, 1854 Sic utere tuo doctrine Legal response to the pollution of the “new manufacturing industries” Charles River Bridge case New York auction system
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Mid+term+exam+-+S12+study+study+qs - UGBA AS 172 SPRING...

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