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IAS 45 – WORLD HISTORY MIDTERM EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDE DIRECTIONS AND PREPARATION The midterm examination will take place on Thursday, February 23 from 11:10-12:30. You will be given a list of eight terms taken from the following list. You will need to write detailed and thorough identifications for FIVE terms, each of which will be worth a total of ten points. A detailed and thorough identification consists of a well-developed paragraph that briefly summarizes the importance and broader relevance of the person, place, thing, law, process or event. It must include a reference to the (approximate) date and place. Use the journalist's trick and think in terms of "who, what, when, where and why" to guide you. (Total value: 50 points). For the essay portion of the exam, you will be given a choice of three or four questions which will be similar but not identical to the questions below. You will answer ONE of them. Your answer should take the form of an argumentative essay supported by specific evidence derived from readings and lectures. It must consist of an argument (thesis statement), be supported with concrete and specific evidence and include a conclusion or brief summary (Total value: 50 points). IDENTIFICATION TERMS Sedentary polis Athens Pericles Zoroastrianism Silk Road Siddhartha Gautama Chingghis Khan The Black Death Al-Andalus Reconquest Caravel Henry of Avis Isabella of Castile Treaty of Tordesillas Han Manchu Sufi Safavid Mughal Ottoman Tenochtitlán Malintzin Tlaxcala Manco Inca Powhatan malaria Mestizaje Cusco Potosí Zacatecas Bernal Díaz Hernán Cortés M’ita guano
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Midterm+Study+Guide - IAS 45 WORLD HISTORY MIDTERM...

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