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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA UGBA - AS 172 Haas School of Business Spring 2012 TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT This handout has 2 parts. Part 1 is a summary of the three options available to you, to give you a quick overview of them. Part 2 gives a more elaborate description and set of instructions for each option. Be sure to read over the material in Part 2 that pertains to the options in which you are most interested. Once you have chosen the kind of term paper you will do, follow the more elaborate instructions in Part 2 carefully. I am happy to answer any questions. PART 1: GENERAL OVERVIEW OPTION # 1: FAMILY BUSINESS HISTORY Write a family history which focuses on the lives, the business and work experiences, and the economic fortunes (and/or misfortunes) of your grandparents. You should envision the project as 1) an economic history of grandparents' lives and 2) a relating of their working lives to their lives as a whole and the era in which they lived. If your grandparents did not live in the U.S., you may still do this project. You will, however, have to relate their lives to what was happening in their own country. The goal of this project is to give you the opportunity to do original, interview based and other research, while exploring your own family history in a structured way so as to better understand how major historical events like wars and depressions and developments in business and society have shaped the lives of individuals and their families – and vice versa. OPTION # 2: TIME SLICE Select a 14 day period in the past to report on. This period can be any 14 day time span between 1840 and 2002. (I recommend choosing a period in the twentieth century, simply because the research is easier, but you can choose an earlier period if you desire). Based on newspaper and magazine articles about business, the economy, politics, and social life in your period, develop an interpretive argument that enables you to write a coherent essay on the interrelationships between what was going in American business and what was happening in US politics, culture, and everyday life in this period. I suggest you try to identify at least four main themes: at least two related to business and the economy and the others on topics such as fashion, religion, health, crime, entertainment, politics or whatever, giving each roughly the same level of attention. The goal of this project is for you to put American business into the broader context of American life during your period, while engaging in original research in primary sources. OPTION # 3: PRESENTIST HISTORY This option involves writing a paper that compares and relates an aspect of business history from the 19th or the early or mid 20th centuries with something that is going on in the business world today. You can compare and relate two companies, events, conditions, problems, processes, or people (e.g. railroads with the internet, industrial pollution in the late 19th or early 20th century with that of the late 20th and early 21st century, anti-trust regulation in 1920s with that in 2000s,
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