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Assignment 3 The organizational structure, control systems, culture, and human resource management systems that together determine how efficiently and effectively organizational resources are used. There are six mistakes in the original chart. The customer service supervisor cannot be divided into direction human resources. The director purchasing and director production should be in the same level, not containing relationship. The manager quality control cannot be classified into accounts payable supervisor. The manager employment and personal records supervisor should be in human resources. The wage and salary admin should be included in accounting and the production scheduling manager should be in manufacturing level. In this case, I classify six departments in terms of their functions. An efficient and effective company
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Unformatted text preview: should have a general manager to manage the whole company and every department should be responsible for their own assignment and duty. So they can manage the company level by level and everyone has one’s own task to make contributions to the company. Organizational design is the process by which managers make specific organizing choices about tasks and job relationships that result in the construction of a particular organizational structure. (Management, P335) Maybe the organizational desire is more important. It reflects the manager’s specific choices about tasks and job relationship. It is related to the company’s normal operation, effectiveness and efficiency. The chart is also important that it is simple and clear to understand everyone’s work....
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