conclusion - As a multinational company in Chinese market,...

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As a multinational company in Chinese market, KFC was no stranger to unique, but it caught eyes from the public and became a much loved brand around most people through its efforts. When it came to China, KFC made a lot of efforts and updated itself to adapt to Chinese culture and market. They investigated the location of the market and overcame so many difficulties. Today the pace of life is so fast, KFC as a fast food can meet different stratums’ requirement to simplify their life. In order to cater to the need of Chinese taste, the KFC team put large technology and personnel to develop continuous new product and healthy food with local Chinese characteristics to enrich KFC’s menu. Not only did KFC control the product quality, service and restaurant cleanliness in perfect order, but also it had to consider the problem of service, business practices, and even management systems. KFC's operations also inspire local competitors to increase both the service and quality of food. It can also help to create a competitive fast-food industry in China as new
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