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Death penalty I am in favor of death penalty. With the development of the society and economy, people gradually lose human nature. They are getting more and more indifferent and heartless. Now that it’s used as a capital punishment, people may be frightened by it and afraid of being punished especially being executed. After all people only have one life, they must cherish their life as careful as possible. In this regard, the deterrent force of death penalty can make us keep on the rails and prevent people from going on committing a crime like killing someone. The killers paying back his life to the death is a principle and philosophy to advocate social justice. If the death penalty is abolished, the criminals may be put into prison all his or her life. In this circumstance, the criminals will be more unscrupulous. Once the prisoners are liberated from the prison through his effort reducing the sentence or through his relatives’ bribery, there will be more debased cases happened in the society without death penalty: many people will be killed
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