LCD - China has had a big change as associated with...

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China has had a big change as associated with economic prosperity in recent years. With the development of society and economy, Chinese people have higher requirement of live level and standard so that they start to have luxury consumption desire. This consumption desire can be affected by traditional culture and political factors. Through the research by expert, there are 6 linking with LCD. Due to the impact of face, Deng’s theory and materialism, I have a high LCD. I will analyze these three variables in detail below. Face refers to a sense of favorable social self-worth that a person wants other to have of him or her in a relational and network context. ( G o ff m a n , 1 9 6 7 ) Luxury consumption behavior is a kind of direct report needs, desires, material and spiritual pursuit of the special interests and concrete actions. Consumers can show their status, identity, personality and taste, temperament and interest through luxury consumption. It is unique in a certain area within the scope; it can attract more attention from others. They buy the goods not themselves but the symbols of social and cultural significance they contain. The pursuit of symbolical consumption is more close to conspicuous consumption. They use wealth or power to obtain and maintain their self-esteem and honor to show off their abilities, status and unique life style. The biggest characteristic of luxury goods is the spiritual values but not the functional values. Just like a handbag of Louis Vuitton can bring us a kind of superiority, exceptional product experience and satisfy us with some psychological aspiration. Under the conspicuous psychological motivation, most of us buy some luxury goods beyond our bear abilities mainly owing to the factor of face. From buying items perspective, we pay much attention to personal items such as watch, perfume garments to modify ourselves. These behaviors can suggest me to be one of the top consumer class. From the viewpoint of Geert Hofstede, two
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of four dimensions of culture can explain the factor of face. The first one is power distance ( H o f s t e d e , 1 9 8 0 ) ; he said that the absolute sense of equality did not exist in any society. But
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LCD - China has had a big change as associated with...

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