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My Identity Who am I

My Identity Who am I - My Identity Who am I I am a Chinese...

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My Identity: Who am I? I am a Chinese girl and my nationality is Han. You know, the Hans are the largest group and over nine-tenths of the inhabitants belong to the Han nationality in China. Comparatively, I can not get the beneficial policy. In China, people of minority group can have beneficial policy in education and living because of the small population. Jiangsu is an affluent and peaceful province. My father is an office worker, and my mother is a high school teacher. So, I come from a well-off family. I do not worry about the cost of living and education. Sometimes, my parents can spend money to support my interest. Like the drawing, they pay the cost of the studying, paper, paintbrush, and paints. I am a girl. Women are the person of vulnerable group, especially in the former China. People liked boy better than girl. But now, I do not think that to be a girl is a bad thing. Due to Family Project, the largest number of families only have one child. So, I can get all love from my parents. And the prejudice of women is not so obvious in community. I love my country, The People's Republic of China, even if China is still a developing country and there are still some unfair things happened in my life. Like the racialism in America, people in rich areas look down on the people in poor areas in China. But we are all Chinese. When the disaster happened, for example the massive earthquake in Wenchuan, Chinese people help each other. We want to help our compatriots while they are in trouble. Like the African Traditional Thought,‘I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am. ’, Chinese people show their identity in their community. (Menkiti) I am a law-abiding citizen. As I was a child, I knew that the interest of community is more
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important than the interest of individual. Teachers always told us that a great person is happy to help others. In the years of revolutionary war, many fighters lost their life to protect the group.
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