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Paper2 - Assignment

Paper2 - Assignment - Due to the mutual impact of face...

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Due to the mutual impact of face, moderation and materialism, I think I have a high LCD. Moderation has some negative effect on my LCD, but owning to the influence of face and materialism, my LCD is high. I think face has an impact on my LCD. Chinese people are actually very competitive in our hearts, we don’t want to feel worse than others but affected by the traditional Chinese culture that require us to be modest, we usually won’t directly say out that we are better than others, but still, we want to feel good and feel respected (Ting-Toomey & Kurogi, 1998), and that’s how face influence our LCD. When my family decided to buy a car, except for the quality and style, we think a lot of brand. What kind of car people around us buy? Which brand is more recognized by people? Another example about myself, when I was choosing my laptop, I really hesitated a lot. At first, I want to buy a more popular brand like MacBook and VAIO. I think it will probably gain me more face if I have one like that and really, they are fancy. Then I researched a lot, and as excepted they are expensive. But when I was doing the research, I also found that with the same computer configuration those two brands’ computers are extremely more expensive than ordinary computers. I struggled and finally I decided to buy an ordinary brand but a computer with high Computer configuration. Even though I didn’t buy the luxury laptop, the influence of face shouldn’t be ignored. I am a student now and don’t have enough money to achieve my LCD.
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