Self and nature

Self and nature - The self and nature Western understanding...

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The self and nature Western understanding of self and community is stated as “I think, therefore I am” while African traditional though claims that “I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am.” (Menkiti 165) Chinese though of self and nature are likely to have characters from both two thoughts. There are all kinds of communities, school, city, province, country and the world. They are all formed by individuals. Every single person wants to have a happy life; they are purchasing their own personal economic success. The success means people can fulfill all their needs by using legal and moral ways and trying not to hurt other inhabitants’ right. And by achieving most people’s personal economic successes, the community economic success is achieved. This community economic success which I mean the social economic success is to make the society develop and advance on the base of achieving personal interest. Individual interest is not against the community responsibility. Achieving personal interest aims at achieving community interest, because only if community interest is guaranteed, can individuals have their personal interests. Pursuing personal interest is human nature. We want to buy things we want; necessary goods or luxury goods. We want to get convenience and comfort. We want to win in competitions and see the value of ourselves. These are motions pushing people to work hard and in return, people achieve their personal interest and get happy. Young couples just get married and want to have their own place, so they work hard to save money for the down payment. They see their needs so
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they work harder for this personal interest. And in some time, they can gain enough money and
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Self and nature - The self and nature Western understanding...

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