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The multifunctional bed belongs to huge furniture, so we choose the selective distribution as our main distribution channel. Our target market is boardinghouse at schools, townsfolk and staff quarters in some companies. These people account for a large percentage. Through our research, meiyi and yiduo limited liability companies are the two largest wholesalers in Nantong. But they charge more fees to result in adding our budget overmuch. For this reason, we leave out the wholesaler but sell the products to the consumers straightly or to the retailer to retail our products to people who like our design and like improving their life style. Besides, we can connect some persons responsible for the renovated flats. This must be large sales. We also have some subsidiary distribution channels.>>> we put our design on the
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Unformatted text preview: internet; someone who likes our products can order them by internet or telephones straightly. It is convenient for the customers and us to reduce some expenses unnecessarily. If they order large quantities, we have different levels of discount. Owing to we direct at the local place, we build our own logistics system. We have specialized warehouse to store our raw materials and finished products and have enough trucks to transport the products. Based on the pricing analysis, our break even is 29,013. Obviously, this cannot meet our mission and target. So we use some other strategies. To build b2b relationship with large or small business. The store can be the platform to show the functional bed....
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