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The self and nature

The self and nature - The self and nature Nowadays with the...

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The self and nature Nowadays, with the abundance of the substance and the development of technology and human society, people pay more attention to pursue the satisfaction of economic profit. This phenomenon results in the imbalance between individual interests and collective interests. Thus it gives rise to thinking about the disharmony between human beings and nature. According to the history of the evolution of human beings, I think that we can not violate the regular pattern of the development of nature and human. If not, we will be punished by nature and the serious consequence that resulted from our bad behavior. So collective interests are more important than individual interests and nature is more important than us. At least, we should keep the balance between them when we meet the requirement of economy, acquire individual success and realize personal value. Through the article about person and community in Africa, we can see that people in Africa attached more importance to the interests in community. They hold the sense of treating everyone in a same position and protecting people’s fundamental rights of liberty and democracy. In this society, people can get full respect from others and treat people equally. In the community of my life, I do not extravagant hope that we can get absolute equality, namely, collective interests hold the leading position. But when individual interests conflict with collective interests, it is necessary to sacrifice the individuals’ to realize the success in the community. I use an example of my mother to prove the point I just told. She is an accountant in a company. In the year of 2008, due to the financial crisis she needed do some extra work his manager arranges for her to finish the journal sheet every Saturday. So she
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had to give up some time to keep company with me and my father. But thanks to the hard working of every clerk like my mother, the company didn’t influence by the financial crisis severely. After that, she can get high salary and has more time with me. This example prove
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