Thought about 12 angry men

Thought about 12 angry men - The film Twelve Angry Men...

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The film Twelve Angry Men shows the importance of putting forward one’s own point of view. For eleven of the jurors’ decision was that the boy was guilty but for the architect. He dared to put forward his own opinion regardless of other jurors’ insistence of the boy’s guilty to save the boy’s life. Even though he could not prove the innocence of the boy but he had the courage. Then he used his meticulous thought and the reasonable doubt of the evidence to persuade other eleven men to agree that the boy was not guilty. ( “ L u m e t ” ) So the most important thing is that we should have the courage to put forward one’s own point of view based on the facts, reasonable doubt and embracing ideas from other people but not go with the tide. Put forward something new is a process of thinking independent and adding reasonable conjecture. We have to dare to speak out our own opinion to let others know what I think. Different people have different attitudes towards the facts. If you don’t speak out your opinion, you may result in some severe consequence just like sentencing someone to death or misunderstanding with other people. Maybe I am a girl with intense personality. And I can speak up my point of view in front of everyone even though I don’t know right or wrong of my point. This personality may be too straight to disturb the harmony in a community and cannot accept by most of people because it may raise some in-group bias or some prejudice to me. But it gives me many chances to develop myself. If I come up with a right idea, I make contributions to perfecting the process of doing something. If I come up with some bad ideas or something proved be wrong, maybe I can avoid making the same mistakes next time. It’s experience for me but at least I have the courage to speak up and put something new without going with
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the tide. The first source of courage comes from the fact and the evidence because the clear
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Thought about 12 angry men - The film Twelve Angry Men...

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