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toefl writing - Nowadays different people have different...

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Unformatted text preview: Nowadays, different people have different attitudes towards our life. Our target is to chase high lifestyle and standard. All of us want to lead a better life. Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. But others prefer to eat food at home. Perhaps there is an element of truth in both these sides. Maybe it is very convenient and flexible to eat in the restaurant. We can eat various kinds of delicious food and enjoy the good service and we can also eat at any time we need. Though it can indicate our high life standard and worth value, we may form a bad habit of laziness. And we have to queue up and wait for a long time. It means that eating outside may waste our time and money. In addition, the food in the restaurant is not always clean and fresh. Some food can not satisfy our own person’s taste. In order to make the food delicious, they use too much oil and fat. Frying food in deep oil and fat may destroy the component part of the nutrition. It’s bad to take them and food in deep oil and fat may destroy the component part of the nutrition....
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