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what do i want to be - What do I want to be? I want to be a...

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What do I want to be? I want to be a medical doctor. From my childhood, I was curious about the phenomenon and interaction of the medical experimentation. So I am interested in biology and chemistry. Gradually, I think that it is astonishing to cure the patients with so many kinds of medicine and pills, and even surgeries. I want to know more about the cells, the structure of the body, the skeleton, and how the brain controls our behavior and senses. Years later, I realized that being a doctor not only can release the pain of the patient, but can give them hope to live a better life with their family. That means saving one person’s life means saving a happy family. For a series of reasons, I cannot realize my dream at present. My parents said that it’s hard and arduous for me to do that and there are so many medical doctors in China that makes me hard to find a good job. They use many reasons and example to persuade me not to do that. Maybe another barrier for me to chase my dream to be a doctor is myself. I am not good at science and math in the senior high school, so I cannot apply a good university for me to study the medical science and I do not have the spirit of persistence so maybe I will give up halfway. Taking the incident I said above into account, I analyze my SWOT again below to look if it has a chance to find my dream back to be a medical doctor. I am a girl maybe everyone around me cannot understand or know what I did or what I will do. Yes, I have strong personality that is full of curiosity, erratic behaviors and some newfangled ideas. I like getting along with someone older than me because I can acquire some precious experience from them and I have positive and optimistic
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what do i want to be - What do I want to be? I want to be a...

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