Who am I - As we all known China are becoming more and more...

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As we all known, China are becoming more and more prosperous these years. With the standard of living improved, people in China have money to buy some luxury products. Due to the impact of face, moderation and materialism, I have a low luxury consumption desire. Face has a positive impact on me. In China, face is a big problem. Not only the adult, but also the children know that we can not make anybody belittle us. Though one is poor, he has lofty aspirations. There are still many indigent and unenlightened villages in China. The ideology is very different between the city and country. With the traditional culture, people mix water and sugar to entertain guests. More sweet, more better. Even if the majority of urban people think it is corny, they still do it. On the one hand, they are hospitable. One the other hand, it is their face. They show their best to others, because it is their proprieties and they want to get other’s respect. So, face is an influential element. The first thing of making friends is to be equal. Having face makes me get respect, and then, I can get on harmoniously with others on the same level. I am to be self-confident by having face. The primary impression is very important. At first sight, person who is well dressed is prepossessing in normal conditions. I hope I am an attractive and charming person, so that I could have many friends. Put it another way, face may be the positive motive to contribute to buy expensive luxury products. Moderation is a factor to inhibit my luxury consumption desire. China is a country restricted by
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Who am I - As we all known China are becoming more and more...

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