Who am I - Who am I I am a girl maybe everyone around me...

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Who am I? I am a girl maybe everyone around me cannot understand or know what I did or what I will do. Yes, I have strong personality that is full of curiosity, erratic behaviors and some newfangled ideas. I like making friends with everyone and getting along with someone older than me because I can acquire some precious experience from them and I have positive and optimistic attitudes towards life. Sometimes I like thinking deeply on my own or reading some books in a quiet place. And sometimes I want to have fight race with my friends to experience stimulation or the sense of achievement. But maybe I have bad temple and sometimes I give someone a bit of my mind that makes me harm my closest people. As the saying goes I am a person who is quiet as a pussy and as nimble as an escaping hare when going into action. I am a daughter of my parents, a student in my school and a citizen in my nation. Maybe I also act as a friend, a cousin, an aunt and so on. Even I act different roles in my life, I am the only one and no one can substitute for me because my specific personal characteristics make me a unique person in this world. I am a Chinese person and I love my country. China has long history about five thousand years and I am influenced by traditional culture in the process of my growing up. I am from the largest han nationality in China and I don’t have prejudice against other 55 minorities. I hope everyone in our country can get united to build up a stronger China. I want to stress that I am not a conservative person and I am willing to accept some new ideas or different habits or customs that from other countries or other minorities in China. I am a girl and I am especially against gender discrimination. I think that men and women should be treated equal. I believe women can have
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high level of knowledge and good ability of leadership but not just men. I pay attention to scientific news or electronic products in the latest research in proper time and I often put forward some new and fancy ideas and make models or experiments to exam the ideas. But I don’t have
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Who am I - Who am I I am a girl maybe everyone around me...

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