who i am - speech

who i am - speech - I am a Chinese Han nationality not very...

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Unformatted text preview: I am a Chinese, Han nationality, not very rich female student. I am a relatively quiet person, I don’t talk much in groups, but l like to wait for a time and say something that will really make people laugh. I don’t easily get close with others but once we become close, friends could be everything to me. I like mathematics more than literature. I would rather spend a whole day finding an answer to a tremendous hard math problem than do some writing or reading. I like adventure, mysterious things and detective stories are my favorites. Also I am a perfectionist and one of my biggest enjoyments is to make those tiny simulation models of houses, architectures or any other interesting objects. I could keep making those models for several days without rests. In the society I am a self reliable person, I hate to follow others, and instead, I want everything about myself to be unique, to be special. In fact I believe I am, I am one of a kind and nobody is like me. Besides, I am a person that shouts “fair” everywhere, I hate to be treated unfair and hate to see others being...
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who i am - speech - I am a Chinese Han nationality not very...

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