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Last night a really wonderful concert was held in Shanghai. One of my friends specially bought the ticket, the price of which is 800 RMB, to see the live concert. She said the concert was great, but she must spend more money on the food and drinks. She also bought too many mementoes. And what’s more, the bus ticket in a round way cost her 300 RMB. She complained that it took her too much money to see the concert and she have to save money next month. I watched the same concert on TV at home. I only have to charge for electricity and a cup of tea. It was convenient for me to watch the concert on TV. I could eat some food, drink some water or go to the toilet at any time. There are no rules for me to obey. And I didn’t have to take a crowded bus for a long journey. My friend said that she was tired to take the bus, which is cramped and
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Unformatted text preview: stuffy. Even worse, she suffered from the bad weather. It was raining heavily last night. After arriving at the theater, she had to queue up in a long line with the wet clothes. It is so crowed that she could not find the right seat and the right place of the toilet. These made her almost crazy. Even though there are many disadvantages watching the live concert, she also thought it comfortable. She could see the star close up and show her love and support to the star. The sound is all around and the atmosphere is very good. She experienced enthusiasm and met many new friends that have the same hobbies. I only could watch TV sitting on the sofa. I can also see the stars closely. But there is no atmosphere, no sound all around. Consequently I felt very lonely....
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