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Explanation of Request

Explanation of Request - piling like a mountain since...

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Explanation of Request The reason for my request for this independent study form is because I am in a hurry to finish the oracle program at Cecil. The reason being is that my financial situation is not at a level to support a four-year college that I am planning into getting. By getting an oracle certificate, I will immediately get an internship and start working as well as pursue higher education. That way I will be able to get into the work force without any problems and prevent further debts from
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Unformatted text preview: piling like a mountain since college tuition is not something a student can pay by himself. The other reason for this request is because my parents’ health condition is going bad every day and it becomes hard for them to support the family. That’s why I am trying to get this certificate as fast as I can to contribute to my family’s income in order to relieve some of the stress placed on my parents....
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